Dear clients,

We have always known, together, to set the horizon as the only limit, knowing that each step is already a victory.

Today, the 200 employees of the Zekat Group, united behind their CEO, Pascal Denoël, challenge themselves to climb a legendary summit: Everest.

After the North Pole, Aconcagua, Chimborazo, this expedition called #ExplorEverest 2021 will be visible via a dedicated communication device: a website and social networks.

Because this expedition, we want to live it with you, customers, partners. Through it, we want to share a vision: that of humility in the face of our collective challenges, but also that of audacity, performance, commitment and the collective that are the signature of the Zekat Group.

Personal development and economic performance are intimately linked, there are “bridges” between the man who explores his ability to move and the business leader who encourages his teams to dare, to try, to venture into new paths .

We want to live together this exceptional adventure, which brings us together, join us.