Founded in 2005 by Pascal Denoël, an engineer from Arts et Métiers and a graduate of HEC, Groupe ZeKat is an independent French industrial group providing services and high-tech mechatronic products.

Our Vision

Groupe ZeKat is the result of 5 wills:

We are players in the FrenchFab and FrenchTech

-> Establishment of our design offices and production tools all in France

We work in partnership with our customers

-> Trusted support over the long term to create value together

We build the future and the solutions of tomorrow

-> 17% investment in Research and Development

We are guided by our mission

-> Human, Social and Environmental as inspiration

We are a Daring, Committed Collective who aim for Performance with Humility

-> Actions in harmony with our values..

Our Offer


We design, produce, assemble and maintain technologies ranging from hardware or software bricks to complete systems or subsystems


We provide standard or customized turnkey solutions


We provide our customers with the benefit of our industrial tools and design offices to design, produce, integrate and deliver their components and complete systems anywhere in the world


We offer digital solutions that create value for our customers, specific to their business

Our Expertise

We are experts in the following technologies: digital, electronic, mechanical, optical, telecom, embedded software, robotics.

Our Governance

Groupe ZeKat is organized around 3 divisions of excellence guaranteeing the best efficiency:

Digital IoT


Industrial capacities

6 production sites

90 countries

Industrial expertise

Today, Groupe ZeKat has 6 production sites in France. This allows us to guarantee a very high level of quality through the implementation of the ISO9100 or soon ISO 14001 standard. We produce for customers present in fields as demanding as they are varied such as energy, transport, the military, aeronautics, medical, etc.

Knowledge of export constraints

Our commercial presence in more than 90 countries allows us to master the regulations relating to our products (UL for the US market, CSA in Canada and CE in Europe), but also customs and transport constraints IATA, Incoterm, WEEE, etc. ). We thus support our clients in the deployment of global solutions in all of their areas of activity.

Financial power

30M€ turnover

20M€ equity

A continuous dynamic

The increases in turnover and profitability illustrate our growth for several years. This dynamic allows us to nurture strong commercial development ambitions in Europe, Africa and Asia and to have ambitions for external growth so that other flagships join us in our adventure.

Financial strength

Our financial strength and our investment capacity gives us the means to achieve our ambitions. If our story began more than 40 years ago, we are building the future every day to be even more present in 40 years and more. We are committed to the long term by controlling our investments and guaranteeing long-term profitability.

Technological Excellence

60 patents

17% R&D

Strong expertise

Our 17% investment in R&D illustrates our desire to remain at the forefront of our expertise and to plan for the future. This relatively exceptional effort reflects our technological capacity and our desire to remain at the forefront of business lines around mechatronics (mechanics, electronics, communication, optics, cobotics, robotics, etc.)

Flagships in every area

Each of the companies in the group are autonomous and cooperate with each other by contributing their own expertise with a desire to remain at the forefront of R&D. They enrich the groupe in each of their areas of expertise and benefit from technical contributions. In particular, we have developed products for which several patents have been filed by combining the skills of at least 4 companies.

Collective intelligence

200 employees

75% techs

Shared values

We know that a great adventure can only be written with a collective and that individual dreams are only made possible by working together. We therefore wanted to succeed thanks to our partners, our customers, our employees and all those who will be committed to us in order to keep our promise of performance. We are aware that today we will succeed together!

An unwavering commitment

We are committed and in many ways. Committed to our mission to provide a complete solution that meets industry requirements. In our actions, that of giving the best of ourselves, of moving our limits to reach our own heights. Committed to our partners, because we have made them a promise to support them in all their phases.


1 owner

Responsive governance

The group operates like a mountain chain made up of companies that are experts in their field, linked together but with strong autonomy. This organization coupled with a private shareholding held 100% by the CEO of the group allows rapid decision-making.

A strategic continuity

The group is committed to the long term with a long-term strategic vision. This projection results in a strong investment in R&D, a perseverance in our development choices but above all in the support of our customers by creating relationships based on trust allowing us to support them in difficult times to continue to develop together. .